Son Lux

Got to see them last Saturday at the Loft and they put on such an amazing show! I didn't realize Son Lux was more than just Ryan and found out that the drummer, Ian Chang, was the same one I saw performing with Body Language in NY two years back. Crazy. He's still really good.

I talked Ryan after the show about finally embarking on this music thing I've been trying to do since I got to college... I have a quarter left to fulfill this dream. Ryan's advice? "Cancel your plans." Tempting.

Picked up my guitar again and I'm dedicating my spring break to experimenting with music. It's a nice break from this routine of networking. I love meeting people but turning off sales mode for some time feels nice. On this note of actually making and doing things, I'm dedicating all of my last quarter to finally experiment, build and prototype like I've always wanted to do ever since exhibiting at the Creator's Project. 

UCSD doesn't support experimentation by undergraduates but we're working to change that next quarter with the design competition. Some sponsorship money will be going into decking out a studio space for undergraduates to make cool stuff.

Anyways, here's my favorite by Son Lux. Thanks Ryan for being a catalyst.

Lost it to Trying