The Women Who Make America

These are my heroes. brings together the stories of women who have paved the way for future generations of female leaders. 

The accomplishments of women like Sally Ride and Hilary Clinton in the STEM fields and in politics have been the most influential to me growing up. Seeing the extent to which they had an impact in the world really helped me feel empowered and unafraid to make a difference. That sounds cliche but I've been more recently surprised at how disempowered some of my female peers feel today.

This is exactly the reason for to exist. Getting the stories of these women out there will be the most effective way to show girls what they can grow up to be :)

Design education has been something I've been passionate about as it is incredibly empowering once you realize its potential. I've been working to get the students of UCSD on board with this vision, but I hope in the future to do the same to help empower girls.