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Project Type: Interactive art
Collaborators: Ben Lotan and George Sylvain at Social Print Studio, Doug Carmean at Intel
Personal Contributions: Interaction Designer
Shared ContributionsInstallation in SF

I worked as an Interaction Designer on the creation and presentation of this interactive art installation at Creators Project: San Francisco. This was an experiment in creating interactive projected surfaces utilizing the Kinect. It was a collaborative effort between Social Print Studio and Intel engineers. The result was a hashtag aggregator that grabbed images from both Twitter and Instagram in real-time. Visitors could then engage with the photos displayed using different interactions to manipulate the grids of images. I worked on the visual interface and defined interactions for the piece.

Covered in the article Artists And Engineers Create The Future Of Art And Technology.

A beautiful, intuitive, highly social installation that artfully integrates...visual computing experiences and the continuous flow of geo-located social photos.
— Julia Kagansky