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Project Type: iOS application
Collaborators: Engineers - Jon Wong, Kyle Fleming; Designer - Neema Mahdahvi; Project Director - Ben Lotan
Personal Contributions: Mobile UI, Screen flow and animation storyboards


The main challenge of this project was that for my first interaction design project ever, I would be tasked to design and communicate the entire UI for DBLCAM. I was incredibly fortunate for this opportunity and engaged in a hacky design process to engage with the team throughout its development.

I had a blast and it was an amazing learning experience. I was even more thrilled to find out how successful the app actually went on to become. Seeing completely random strangers utilizing my UI got me excited about the world of product!

DBLCAM really was an exploration on perspective. How can we see beyond the standard use of a mobile camera? 

What emerged was DBLCAM, an application that utilizes both cameras on the iPhone to create a single image. We were the first application on any platform to do so.

I sketched various types of animations and screen flows to with the goal of creating a completely different experience. We came up with the idea that screen elements would float above a static background to give the idea of depth.

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My first UI screenflow exercises!

My first UI screenflow exercises!