Information Architecture

Project Type: Course project, Site redesign for client
Collaborators: Ryan Chavez, Guan Wang
Timeframe: 10 weeks (Spring 2012)
Personal Contributions: Sketches, Wireframes, Hi-fidelity mockups, Graphic design
Shared Contributions: Interviews, Ideation, HTML

This was a project completed during the course "Cognitive Aspects of Digital Design."

The goal of this project was to redesign an existing university website that is very hard to use. This is largely due to the fact that university websites have a lot of information and have a poor way of organizing that information.

Therefore, we performed a competitive analysis of various university websites in order to assess the functionality on each of the websites. Then we took our findings and applied it to our redesign. We then created user personas and scenarios in order to further guide our design decisions, specifically, on our information architecture. As a group, we decided on the most efficient and usable placement of information throughout the site focusing on navigation and semantic grouping.

As an information architecture exercise, we focused more on the organization of the site rather than the aesthetics. Since there are too many pages on a university website to redesign, we coded a first, a few second and a few third level pages in order to get a general idea of the redesign.

The final redesign site can be accessed here: Information Architecture Redesign site

The final project site, which includes the competitive analysis, user scenarios and redesigned site, can be accessed here: Information Architecture Project Page