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Kodak Social Media Campaign - Wunderman Intern Project 

1 Project Brief

For our final project our intern team was asked to put together a social media campaign for Kodak. The campaign was to help promote their Kodak Picture Kiosks and the new Facebook integration feature while also capturing user data. Our two main obstacles were addressing the fact that people no longer print and that people aren't aware of Kodak's in-store kiosks or online presence.

2 Audience Research

Before we started concepting, we had to get a better sense of our target audience. Using data we collected and the data provided in the brief, our team came up with two user profiles that helped drive our creative process - the young professional and the new mom.

We came up with a list of relevant questions and sent out a survey and interviewed those who matched our target audience and those who use the kiosks.

With our findings we realized that both of these types of women take a lot of photos and interact frequently with social media. Our main insight was that these women have memories they want to share but don't have time to print them.

3 Strategy

After addressing the user's needs and coming up with that insight, we decided came up with the message that would be communicated through our campaign strategy. The message was "Don't let your Facebook pictures become an old post, let the Kodak Picture Kiosk turn your memories into something that lasts."


4 Creative Concepting

Now that we had the theme of our strategy, we moved onto creative concepting. As one of the three creatives on our intern team, I ended up leading this process along with our team advisor. We attempted to figure out how we can use social media to communicate the message that the Kodak Picture Kiosk can save their memories in a timely manner. 

The two concepts we came up with are "Social Project" and "Spot the Moment."


5 Final Concepts

We created two concepts for our client, "Social Project" and "Spot the Moment." We would pitch both on presentation day.

Social Project

The Social Project was a campaign that we created around the central point that we have lost physical human interaction. However, there is a desire for physical interaction and this interaction is highly valued. We would play off this fact and strive to encourage the sharing of prints with a close circle of friends and family. This would be done through the Social Project, where Kodak would offer free prints to the consumer on the condition that they would be mailed.

Spot the Moment

This campaign was driven by the fact that digital photos aren't as meaningful and that with the advent of Facebook, uploaded photos don't carry as much meaning. Therefore, we would develop an applet on Facebook to allow easy printing straight from Facebook. The main campaign would be executed through driving awareness for the app on social media.

6 Deliverable

The final deliverable is what you have seen pieced through this page. I put together the vast majority of the deck, the visual graphics, copy and layout. We presented to the executives and got positive feedback from Lester Wunderman himself.

Kodak eventually rolled out a very butchered version of our campaign a few months after but it was still rewarding to know that our hard work eventually made it out into the real world.