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Project Type: Course project, Site redesign for client
Collaborators: Ryan Chavez, Guan Wang
Timeframe: 10 weeks (Spring 2012)
Personal Contributions: Sketches, Wireframes, Hi-fidelity mockups, Graphic design
Shared Contributions: Interviews, Ideation, HTML

This was the final project for the course "Practicum in Professional Web Design." We created a fully functional site that we presented to both the client and the class.

Here is our final website, the redesign.     |     Here is the original website.

1 Project Brief

Our task was to redesign or create a site for a real client while completing usability tasks along the way. We chose StyleCAD, a textile CAD company. Our main challenge was to create a site that pushed sales of the product ( the CAD system ) and maintain relationships with new and current users of the product.

These goals were found out through interviews with the client themselves. Oftentimes, the client didn't understand the full potential of their web presence and therefore, mining the interview data helped to determine these goals and ultimately shaped our design process.

Our mission was as follows: As an older company that largely deals with other businesses, StyleCAD kept a dated website because most of its business was done offline. However, we believe StyleCAD’s website has a lot of potential and that an active website can be used in ways to really engage current and future customers. The finished product will showcase major product differentiators in unique ways, organize its content in the most intuitive way and have features that will truly engage users.

Creative Brief (PDF)  |  Client Interview (PDF)

2 Audience Research

After learning about the client and their needs from the site, our second task was to evaluate the users of the site. We structured the interviews to determine the needs of the audience and how we would reconcile these needs with the needs of the client.

We found the key user groups to be Educators, Dealers and Industry Businesspeople. Through the interviews, we found that software support and the relevance of the software were the most frequently sought out information on the site. Therefore, we took this to determine the information to keep or discard on the site.

User Interviews ( PDF)

3 Competitive Analysis

Before continuing onto to our own redesign, we performed a competitive analysis of the other CAD system websites out there. Though our client was a textile CAD system, we looked at other popular CAD system websites because we felt those sites presented similar information and therefore, faced similar challenges. We observed their solutions and incorporated some of these ideas into our own site.

Competitors looked at : Gerber, Lectra, Tukatech, Opitex, PAD, Autodesk

Competitive Analysis (PPT)

4 Storyboard

Our next step was to determine how we were going to design the site. This included details such as font and color schemes, descriptive wireframes and information architecture.

Information Architecture

Functional Spec (PDF)

5 Design

We then proceded to create the real site. Our timeframe was about 2 weeks and therefore, the final website feels a bit rough. We started off with high-fidelity wireframes and then went on to create the site in HTML/CSS and Javascript.

We were able to implement most of the pages and features that we deemed necessary for the client goals and user needs.

We focused on the sleekness of the site, demonstration of product differentiators, software support and dealer support.

Visit the website here : StyleCAD redesign