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Triton Weekender

Hi-fidelity mockup of the homepage


Project Type: User-centered information site
Collaborators: Ryan Chavez, Guan Wang
Timeframe: 3 weeks (Winter 2011)
Personal Contributions: Sketches, Wireframes, Hi-fidelity mockups, Graphic design
Shared Contributions: Interviews, Ideation, HTML

This is the final project for the class Cognitive Aspects of Digital Design. It was an exercise in things we learned over the quarter which included user research, information architecture, competitive analysis, usability evaluation, graphic layout and interactivity.

We created a product that would serve as a resource for UCSD students, to help find things to do in their spare time. Our design process started with user research, where we performed surveys across various user groups (segmented by city lovers, nature lovers and tourists). We then used the data collected to guide our brainstorming process. With the content determined, we decided the most suitable navigational elements and information architecture which we implemented into our low-fidelity sketch wireframes. We then created high-fidelity wireframes which we coded into the final website.

Wireframe of a second level page

Wireframe of a third level page

Sketch of the homepage